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to anon: my experience is that if you choose to devote yourself to a god or goddess, and you ask Them for protection and give proper offerings, They will take care of you. follow your heart. especially Ares protects those who can't protect themselves. and nowhere in ancient history does it say that you ONLY have to worship Hellenic gods if that's the path you chose. the Hellenic pantheon is exceptionally flexible and welcoming in my experience.

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I've been attracted and ddrawn to the greek pantheon for my entire life-literally. I used to be pagan, but my boyfriend has since made me feel pressured to try to turn to God. Now, I'm afraid to approach the Hellenic gods I worked with( mostly Aphrodite, and i was working on Hera, Apollo,, and Ares) in fear that God will basically ruin my life? I don't belong in christianity, nor with God, but I'm afraid to go back to my pagan ways in fear of God, of rejection by my hellenic gods, and my family.

I can’t really give you any advise about God. We never had any sort of serious relationship,

All I can say is that if you want to go back to the Hellenic pantheon then you shouldn’t have a problem. I can’t speak for the gods but respect goes a long way.

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Wow, the Persians were twisted.

Don’t look up Scaphism if you’re faint of heart.

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Opal Bracelet

David Webb


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Michael Bublé sort of night.


CHARBEL ZOE Couture 2015

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mythology series  the minotaur’s sister ariadne [Ἀριάδνη]

out of the maze
revealing secrets we kept on the way

who knows who’s right
breaking the chains i’m gonna give up my future to fate

now i’m alright
eventually i saw what was not clear to my eyes
for all my life
thought i had friends i could confess
my fears and my hopes

no more tears, no more fights 
each one is free to take his own way out
you take yours, i’ll take mine

out of the maze

❝ Like every aspect of Hellenistic culture, the Romans adopted the Greek love of the rose and warped it into a delightfully obsessive psychosis. ❞


Daniel del Cavallo “Sacred Iron Posies


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To the Nymphai


Graceful spirits of the landscape,
dwellers among verdant trees whose footsteps
raise flowers of every color, attendants
of Demeter and Dionysos,
you light the world with your passing.

Spirits of sprawling oaks
and ebullient crape myrtle, of cypress
dripping with Spanish moss;
spirits of the placid canals
and bayous smeared with green algae fingerprints;
spirits of the merry laughing fountains,
of strawberries swollen red as a lover’s lips,
of sunrise clementines and juicy satsumas;
light-footed nymphs with eyes the color of the sky,
you wander the parks and streets and waterways
of this city and bring life
wherever you go.

White-robed and frolicsome,
generous in the water and on land,
bring abundance in your train –
share with us the fruitful seasons, the health
and prosperity we all desire.
Rosy and fair, o nymphs, rejoice with us.

(If you’d like a poem or hymn customized to your own practice, I offer poetry commissions!)

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