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In lilac garden - Aydemir Saidov

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Hi there, I'm actually really intrigued about Hellenismos - I was wondering if you knew any good resources about the modern practice? I am writing a novel and was interested in writing about one of the characters worshipping ancient Greek gods.



Hello! I have only read the first two of these books, but they are all supposed to be really informative:

"A Beginner’s Guide to Hellenismos" by Timothy Jay Alexander
"Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored" by Sarah Kate Istra Winter
"Hellenismos Today" by Timothy Jay Alexander
"Old Stones, New Temples: Ancient Greek Paganism Reborn" by Drew Campbell

Ask me anytime if there’s something you would like to know, and good luck! :)

Good luck finding the Drew Campbell work—it’s long been out of print.

You can always read through the hellenic polytheism tags!

And take Alexander’s work with a piece of salt. He sets out the basics but his opinions colour his historical accuracy.


Giovanni Maria Benzoni (1809-1873)  Statuette “Flight from Pompeii” 1873


François Rude (1784-1855)  Statuette “Hebe and the Eagle of Jupiter” modeled circa 1852  cast circa 1860/1880


Tympanistria - John William Godward


A Greek marble female figure 

Hellenistic, circa 2nd-1st Century B.C.

Standing with the weight on her left leg and her right leg bent at the knee, on a small plinth, draped in a chiton falling in folds to her feet, with a himation swathered around her body with the ends gathering and hanging over her left shoulder and upper arm.

 22½in (57.2cm) high not including head; 27in (68.6cm) 

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Lydia Beesley and Franziska Klein in “Dream Weavers” by Zena Holloway for How To Spend It, May 2014 


Golden bracelet 

The design is striking; a double spirally twisted strands with a Herakles knot at the bezel. 9.2cm in diameter (3 5/8 inch.). 

Roman, Imperial Period, 2nd century AD. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum

things the Hades and Persephone myth is about: life and death, balance between them, light and darkness, the origin of the seasons, the cycle of the seasons, marriage in ancient greece, metaphors for marriage and weddings, the passage from child to woman, the different stages in the life of a woman, /persephone/....
things that tumblr focuses on: buT haDES RapED PerSEPhonE!11!! tEH myTH is LITERallY CAlled 'the RApe of PErsephonY'


Photographer: markvelasquez:

"I’ll want to drink of sacred fountains
And find the riches hidden there.”

Model: Sierra McKenzie

Spring has sprung

All the blossom is out, looking and smelling all nice.

And then there’s this guy.

Smells disgusting and is in every field, everywhere.


pomegranate - granatapfel

What makes the difference between a girl and a woman?


I don't feel I have any sort of patron deity (that I know of). But lately I've been having internal visions of Artemis and it feels like she is trying to help me through some rough patches. I'm a little confused, though, because she is a goddess of virginity and I am not a virgin. I'm fairly new to paganism and have done research, I was just wondering if you had any thoughts/input on this. Thanks!



Hiya anon! Happy Earth Day. :D

Artemis is a goddess of a lot of things, not just virginity. She also had sway over childbirth (basically the opposite of virginity!), young women, hunters, prey, and wilderness, symbolized by hunting dogs, stags, and the moon. Definitely a lot more going on there than just never having sex — and then there’s the debate about whether virgin in this case actually means sexually inexperienced, or whether it means self-empowered. (There is a lot to be said about that but I’d have to go write an essay that I can’t do off the top of my head, and I’m not sure if it really pertains anyway.)

You don’t need a patron or patroness to be pagan. You might have none, or even several, simultaneously or at different points in your life. That’s totally okay. Unless you’re joining a tradition that requires it, that is, but then a lot of those traditions have ways of assigning a patron to you built in to the system, too.

It might just be that Artemis sees some qualities in you that she wants to foster. Some deities are like that. I can’t say for certain if she wants you as a follower or has just taken an interest in you, but from what I know and hear she seems like a really cool goddess to interact with.

If you haven’t stumbled across the Theoi Project yet, you should check it out because it’s basically THE repository of Greek deity information. I am not sure right offhand who else works with Artemis, but I can ask around and maybe some of my followers might, or know someone who does.

Oh, and one more thing, especially when dealing with the Greek gods, remember that they are more like very powerful, larger-than-life people who happen to have specialties, rather than “the god of [insert narrow field]”. They often dabble in a lot of different areas and look after a lot of different people, some of them apparently even contradictory (Artemis and mothers and virgins, Hermes and thieves and travelers, you get the idea). So if you find a source that makes them out to have narrowly-defined domains, take the information with a few grains of salt, because the Theoi tend to be very broad characters.

I hope that helped you some! Take care anon!

*whispers* ‘virgin’ in the ancient sense just means ‘unmarried’ so by virgin goddess it just means she never married not necessarily that she never had sex. elaphos could probably talk more about that

Sorita D’este, in her book on Artemis brings up the point that Artemis might have been a literal virgin, because she punishes the nymphs in her retinue who have relations/are raped, so harshly.

So, both theories are valid, but just theories.

I don’t think it makes a lick of difference as far as honouring her goes, or being a devotee for that matter.

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