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Altar porn time!  The roses are an offering to Persephone for the summer solstice.  Normally my altar here is disguised since I live with my parents when school is out, but it’s a special occasion.  Also pictured are these awesome lovely prayer beads made by kingofwands!  :)

(shrine to Persephone on the left, shrine to guides and astral buddies in the back, shrine to Loki on the right. plus some stuff on the wall.)

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I’m reading The Boss by Abigail Barnette because it was free on Kindle and I was curious after that twitter post floating around.

Not the best thing I’ve ever read but at least the relationship is portrayed in a healthier light.

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I have a question about semi-reconstructionalism! (also, would love to open it up to a discussion with more HP people, but didn't want to spam multiple ask boxes). When trying to create a way to celebrate your gods, is it disrespectful to put feast days/celebrations on days that make more sense to you instead of on the day it was historically celebrated? Can you make your own days of reverence that way? Or is that bad?

It most definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Festivals days varied between city states and towns/villages in the ancient world so there is NO definitive festival calendar. The one we have is based on the Athenian because that was the best one that was preserved.

The festival calendar I’ve recently overhauled for myself works mostly on vague dates, which gives me room to work. The local harvest very rarely falls on the same exact date every year.

Go nuts with what works for you.

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Romans making offering meatballs out of sacrifices. 

This amuses me.

detail of jacquelyn jablonski for vogue russia sept. 2012, photographed by catherine servel

La la la - 7, 14, 19

7. Biggest turn offs. Men who wear socks with sandals. People who use the word ‘pussy’ when referring to vagina.

14. Piercings I want. Mmm, I really want a vertical labret but sadly that’s not an option if I want to remain employed.

19. Middle name. Alice.

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let me introduce myself

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Hello, so i've been maditating quite a lot and asking Persephone to guide and acompany me in my meditations. I'm starting to have the feeling that she is connected with magic. She is a goddess of life, death and transformation and all those aspects are essentialy connected with magic right? But i'm not sure if i'm the only one thinking like this.

Persephone was often called on to aid in the use of curse tablets in Ancient Greece.

'Magic' if you define it as a force used to effect the world around us is a bit of an iffy subject in Hellenic terms. Mostly, it's requesting the gods to enact those changes for you.

But, this is your personal experience so, sure.

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Rules: In a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard—they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tagged by pieandhotdogs

1. The Dark Tower by Stephen King. (I know this is a series of books but I love them.)

2. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. (This man is a mental writer and this book is slightly disturbing in a really cool way.)

3. Vellum by Hal Duncan. (Nanobots controlled by angels who echo through dimensions and time, what more do you want?)

4. The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. (A collection of short stories but awesome bloody fairytales.)

5. Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon. (This will always be my favourite paranormal romance novel. Kyrian of Thrace is my first fictional love.)

6. The Crow by J. O. Barr. (Graphic novel I know but still, it’s The Crow.)

7. Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite. (Chartreuse soaked New Orleans with glitter and blood soaked teenage vampires. One of many books that fanned my love for the Crescent City.)

8. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. (Love this series, I’m going to be so sad when it ends.)

9. The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding. (The best book in the Ketty Jay series in my opinion. THE best steampunk adventure books you will ever read.)

10. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. (Because wizard.)

Dunno who hasn’t been tagged by everyone else already!

Tag yourselves, you know you want to.

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